school health geonacional′nogo



or gymnastics for lazy


implementation of recovery processes (reintegration) with the gradual normalization of disturbed features due to internal reserves of an organism by means of kinestetičeskogo automaticity (spontaneous movements) of the body, resulting in relaxation of skeletal muscles and improve the mental status, without affecting the subconscious.  The Transreintegracionnoj method of gymnastics "occurs:

Ø          improving the quality of sleep, memory and attention, especially for those   

Ø    who are asleep at the wheel and after an accident;

Ø    alleviate headaches and predmenstrual′nogo syndrome;

Ø    improving the work of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory;

Ø    accelerated recovery after operations, injuries, diseases;

Ø    increased resistance to stress and activation of efficiency;

Ø    improving well-being during pregnancy (visit up to 6 months);

Ø    rapid recovery after intensive physical and mental stress;

Ø    improvement of spinal column;

     Ø        slowing aging.


"Unfortunately, the health as an important objective is the man when the disease becomes a reality. Do not hope that doctors will make you healthy. They can save your life, heal illness, but only take to start and continue to live safely, learn to rely on yourself. One medicine can do human healthy "(N. A. Amossov)

teacher-psychologist Nick Niktac

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